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Nicki Minaj premieres her new video. “Moment for Life” featuring Drake

Today Nicki Minaj premiered the video for her song “Moment For Life”  featuring Drake.  Personally, Nicki Minaj is overrated!  She lacks real lyrical capabilities and is full of nothing but animaniacs.  I think she sounds like a dumb down version of Alvyra from Tiny Toon Adventures, but that’s just my opinion.  Of course the video is full of color, the scenery and Nicki’s wigs.  But let’s be honest, what doest she really have to offer?  The video is just as exaggerated as she is.  The song and video are ok,  but I bet millions of people will request it for 106 and Park.

It has a “sisterella” feel to it. If I may say, Cinderella goes hood to be exact. If you like Nicki Minaj, you will like the video. However, if you are like me and wish that REAL female rappers get shine, you will feel me when I say, WOMP WOMP!

Check out her new video. (you will have to click the link and watch the video on Youtube)


Aretha, please be realistic! Halle Berry isn’t the one!

Recently there has been some talk about Halle Berry portraying Aretha Franklin in a biopic film about the Queen of Soul.  The talk has been mainly from Aretha Franklin herself.  Now, am  I the only person who thinks that this is absolutely preposterous?  I mean, that is just crazy!  Here is why I KNOW Aretha Franklin has lost her mind!

Halle Berry doesn’t have the voice

Have you ever heard Halle Berry sing?  I rest my case!  Halle Berry has even said herself that she doesn’t have the vocal chops for the role.  She said it herself that she can’t hold a tune!  Even with Halle Berry declining the role, Aretha is still hell-bent on Halle portraying her!  She has even tried to rationalize by saying that many artists have lip-synched artists original songs and that’s what Halle could do.  I think Aretha has lost her mind!

Halle doesn’t “FIT” the part

It doesn’t take 20/20 vision to realize that Halle Berry is not exactly the same size as Aretha!  Even when Aretha was singing in her father’s church in Detroit she still wasn’t that small!  Even if Halle took on the role and wore a fat suit, it still wouldn’t be the same!

Who do I think could play the part?

Personally, I think that she should get someone like Amber Riley or Jill Scott to name a few.  Someone who can sing and have similar features to Aretha.

Amber Riley

Jill Scott















Having Halle Berry play you isn’t going to make you look any better Aretha.  Are you more concerned with a sold out movie or someone who can actually play the part?  We all know that Halle Berry is the go to person when it pertains to Blacks and Hollywood.  But let’s be honest, it would be more believable with a thick woman who can sing!

I just want Aretha Franklin to realize that there are plenty of other women who can portray her!  Halle Berry is not the right person for the role!

Kim Kardashian giving advice? How to Kim Kardashian your way up!

In case you didn’t know, we live in a reality show obsessed society.  Everytime you turn around someone does something profane, asinine, and preposterous and in return they end up getting a reality television show.  Hence Antoine Dodson, getting a new reality show.  If this isn’t a sign that the world is coming to an end I don’t know what is!  Did the Mayans predict this?

Anywho, everyone knows that Kim Kardashian gained stardom from a sex tape between her and attention whore Ray-J.  From there she got her own reality show with her family and now they are EVERYWHERE!  While Kim Kardashian has made a name for herself by her sex tape, ditsy personality, relationship with Reggie Bush, and her infamous dernier, she seems to have a problem with a new reality tv show called “Teen Mom.”  She has said that “It seems that shows like ‘Teen Mom” are all of a sudden making teen pregnancy seem cool in the eyes of young girls . . . but girls, these are not people you should idolize!

Apparently this sextaper who handed out vaginal coupons to a washed up yodeler must have forgotten her past.  I didn’t realize that Kim Kardashian was an authority figure or someone who could give advice, especially on people who shouldn’t be idolized.  This is the equivalent to Charlie Sheen giving Chris Brown advice about never hitting a  woman.  In other words, it’s the epitome of an oxymoron!  While I’ve never seen an episode of Teen Mom, from watching my Twitter timeline I can gather that it’s a show about a bunch of hormonally imbalanced girls.  To be honest, NONE of these reality stars should be idolized, including Kim Kardashian.

I am baffled at the thought of Kim Kardashian giving advice to anyone about who should or shouldn’t be idolized.  I bet she isn’t saying anything when she’s cashing those checks from her reality show.  Hey Kimmy, remember how you came to stardom?  Let me remind you!

American Idol! Sometimes you just have to dip and FALL back

I know some of you watched American Idol last night.  I didn’t hate the auditions so far.  surprisingly there were some who blew me away.  Now, If you know me you know that I have a love jones for Simon Cowell.  I miss his snarky remarks!  However, I like Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler so far.  My only problem is with Jennifer Lopez having a difficult time saying NO!  It’s not hard JLO!  When someone sounds like “cri du chat,” let them know!  All in all, I like American Idol so far.

Now, while the auditions were ok, the HIGHLIGHT of the show had absolutely nothing to do with the singing.  I know I am not alone when I say the highlight was the reject falling down the steps and then scooting out of the door!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  You can’t tell me that was not pure hilarity!!!!!  I am still laughing as I write this blog!  Enjoy the video.  I know it has put a smile on my face.  If the girl who fell just happen to see my blog by some inexplicable act of God, I want her to know that it’s ok!  Just dust yourself off and try again! You got your Janelle Monae tight rope scoot on! 🙂

Raz-B and Ricky Romance get “attacked.”

Raz-B and Ricky Romance

Lately Raz-B has been in the media for his outrageous antics.  From his videos screaming and hollering at Marques Houston on the phone about Omarion, to his Twitter beef with Chris Brown, he has been creating buzz for himself.  During his Twitter beef with Chris Brown his brother Ricky Romance made a video stating that if he ever saw Chris Brown in the streets he was going to kill him.  Now, everyone was so bent out of shape over Chris Brown responding to Raz-B, but it seems as if no one cared that Ricky Romance OUTWARDLY made a death threat to Chris Brown.  Seems a little oxymoronic to me don’t you think?

In case you didn’t hear, last night Raz-B and his brother Ricky Romance were brutally beaten up in Atlanta at the Salute to Dj’s Award Show.  Apparently Young Joc’s people wouldn’t let Raz-B on stage, Ricky Romance stepped in, and then the fight was on.  Eventually Raz-B and Ricky Romance were carried out of the venue.

I know you’re thinking to yourself, “wow that’s messed up!” To be honest, I wholeheartedly DO NOT feel sorry for Razzle Dazzle and Tricky Slomance.  I know I sound a little harsh, but here is my reasoning.

  1. Raz-B has made a name for himself recently by attacking people and then playing the part in being victimized.  How do you plead your love for Rihanna and then drag Chris Brown into it?  Then when Chris Brown defends himself the entire world attacks Chris Brown while you act like the damsel in distress.  Yes, Chris Brown could have handled the situation differently but come on, he’s human just like you and I!  Why do people expect Chris Brown to keep quiet while people drag his name into the quick sand? I’m not condoning his behavior, but I totally feel for Chris Brown.
  2. Ricky Romance BLATANTLY threatened Chris Brown and Omarion’s life and no one said anything!  If you are making death threats, logically you would think he should be able to fight a few security guards.  Maybe that’s a bit off but you get my drift.  I guess Young Joc’s crew served Ricky and Raz-B a dose of the whipping they deserved
  3. When someone acts out hysterically, violently, and is always attacking someone, eventually they will get their fair share in the end.  I would quote a few scriptures but this is America.  I will be politically correct and say “Karma is a mother!” I have to say it!   The Bible says that a man will reap what he sow!  AMEN!  If you sow evil, you will reap evil!

The only thing that I want to see is how this will all turn out.  Somehow I think Ricky Romance and Raz-B aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.  I hope they take this “attack” as a sign that they need to lay low.  In case you are wondering about some of the outbursts from Raz-B, here is a video of Raz-B acting crazy on the phone with Marques Houston.


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