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New Music: “Come with me” by Eva Dream featuring Josh Adam. Produced by Jai Marlon

Check out this new song by Eva Dream featuring Josh Adam.  The Pop song “Come with me” was produced by Jai Marlon.  This song has a futuristic vibe to it.  It will surely have you up dancing!  Anyone who knows me know how I feel about auto-tune.  I think it has a time and a place and people tend to use it for everything.  I can’t tell if Eva Dream can sing because her entire everything on the song is auto-tuned.  However, since it IS a Pop song I guess she fits right in.  Afterall, we all know Pop is about the look, beat, and production.  Therefore, home run for Eva Dream.

Now, can we talk about how Josh pulled an Eminem on this song!  This happens when you’re featured on a song and your part is so good that you make the other person seem very inconsequential.  Kudos to Josh for smashing his feature.  I see great things happening for him!  I also think the production was very good.  I must look into other songs produced by Jai Marlon.  Overall I think this is a great Pop song!

Check out “Come with me” and let me know what you thought of the song.

Eva Dream

Josh Adam

Jai Marlon


Venomous imagery of anti-abortionists targets African American women

Within the last day and a half there has been an uproar about an anti-abortion billboard in SoHo New York.  In case you haven’t seen it, here you go.

I must say that as a Black woman I am highly offended by this billboard!  Why would anyone think this was a good way to promote “pro-life?”  According to That’s Abortion, the one’s responsible for the billboard, they “use advertising, research and confrontational truth to gain awareness, inform and educate individuals to choose life, always!”  It seems more of an attack on Black women more than something that’s suppose to bring awareness.

What I also find disheartening is that two of the four “Life Always” board members are African-American men.  Life Always are the one’s who paid for the billboard.  As a Christian I believe that life is precious and should be cherished.  However, who am I to invoke my beliefs on someone?  God gave us the gift of free will.  Therefore, a woman should have the right to do what she wants.  On judgement day she s the one who has to stand before God account for her actions.   I may not agree with it, but it’s HER choice.  I however am appalled by the amount of women who use abortion as a method of contraception.

Now, I have a few questions for these two Black men on the board of directors.  Do you care this much after discarding your sperm after intercourse or a rounds of self-gratification?  Technically, that is a child correct?  Do you always wear a condom to prevent unplanned pregnancies?  I also want to know why are you targeting the disenfranchised African-American women?  Is it because they are an easy target?  I don’t think that African-American women are the only ones having abortions yet they are the only ones being targeted.

Is anyone going to say something about the men who coerce impressionable women to have abortions because they don’t want the responsibility of being a father?  Sister Toldja said it best “This campaign would have you think all these aborted fetuses have fathers who were dying to raise them.

Personally I think these billboards are causing more trouble than anything.  They are adamant about saving lives but they seem to be perpetuating their ignorance with failing rhetoric and counterproductive imagery.

No country for Trey Songz BET Honors performance

Yesterday the BET Honors aired and as I always do with BET, I watch it via my Twitter timeline.  I couldn’t help but to really chime in when someone said that Trey Songz sounded like a dying goat.  I found this statement hilarious on so many levels.  Let me say that I don’t hate Trey Songz.  I like some of his music, his PHYSIQUE, and…….I’m sorry but after his physique everything else is insignificant.  I must admit that 80% of the time, he doesn’t seem to sound that great live.  From his lack of vocal control to his unbridled vibrato, he’s not really a singer but not really a yodeler.

Today I decided to watch his performance from the BET Honors and I must say that it was very interesting.  My first question is, who was he honoring?  I don’t think  “Can’t be friends” is the kind of song you honor someone with.  Then he segued into “Let’s stay together” by Al Green.  I was immensely confused and felt that his performance wasn’t that good.  I think he needs much vocal training.  I am very indifferent about this performance.

Here’s his performance from the BET Honors.  Please comment and let me know that you thought.

Some artists I love!

If you can’t tell from my blogs, I’m a very critical yet open-minded person when it comes to music.  Hence, this is why I think I make a good music editor.  I am able to be totally honest about an artist, even when I love them.  I am still a little surprised when people ask me for my opinion or “consult” me before buying a cd.  That’s just humbling in every aspect of the word!

Today on Twitter one of my followers asked me to do a top 10 of my favorite artists or some artists I think are up and coming.  First, I want to thank her for even asking me to do such a thing!  I am honored and here’s a curtsey for you! *curtsies* Second, it is virtually impossible for me to quantify my favorite artists because my music taste is so broad!  So, I decided to lists a few artists whose music I love.  These are in no particular order either. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of some of these artists, other’s I’m sure you are scratching your head like I’m speaking gibberish.  Please keep in mind that there are more artists than this I love but, I decided to spare you. Here we go!

  • Marsha Ambrosius-her 1st debut cd “Late Nights and Early Mornings” will be released March 1st.  Please support!  I love every single song she has ever sang!
  • R. Kelly-He is the UNDISPUTED King of R&B of my generation!  If I ever meet him please pray for me.  I know I would embarrass my mama!
  • Yahzarah-I absolutely love her!  Purple St. James is just amazing!
  • Rox-Her song “Breakfast in bed” gives me everything and more! “Memoirs” is a great cd from start to finish
  • Liz Cotrupi-She is definitely breathtaking!  Please get her cd!
  • Deitrick Haddon-He is so freaking talented!
  • Talib Kweli-I have never been disappointed by anything Talib Kweli has done!
  • The Coup-I cannot say anything about them except listen to their music!  Thank me later!
  • Dead Prez-Do I need to explain?  Dead Prez is absolutely GREAT!  The substance that wafts from their music is mind-blowing!
  • Joonie-His cd “Acoustic Love” is added to my “songs i want my husband to serenade me with” list.  I swoon for the entire duration of his cd!
  • Mew-I know I’m weird and quirky for this but this band is great!  Totally out the box!
  • Bslade-  You may know him as Tonex but he is one of the most creative and innovative artists I have ever heard!  Artistry at its best!
  • PJ Morton-PJ is so creative!  I think he made “Mountains and Molehills” for me!
  • Adele-*sighs* This girl makes me love her!  I fell in love with her after hearing “Hometown Glory.”
  • Janelle Monae-I have every cd Janelle Monae has ever done!  “The ArchAndroid” wasn’t her first.  “The Audition” and “The Chase Suite EP” are phenomenal!  Yes she is out the box and quirky but that is what I love about her!  Not to mention, she can sing!  If you don’t like her eccentrity listen to “THe Audition.”  This cd is a little more conventional but still great nonetheless!
  • Cee-Lo Green-I have nothing to say about him except, BRILLIANTLY CREATIVE!
  • Melonie Daniels-Whenever she sings the heavens rejoice!  I just want to borrow her vocal cord!!!
  • Carol Riddick-Philadelphia’s best kept secret!  The voice that is released from her is just……..awesome!
  • John Forte-Listen to “Stylefree the EP” and you will see why I love John Forte!!!
  • Leela James-I think I love her hair more than her music but I love her voice!
  • Conya Doss-GREAT!
  • Lizz Wright-GREAT!
  • Lupe Fiasco-Someone please get me an AED!  I cannot help but to love Lupe Fiasco!  He is one of the best lyricists I have ever heard!
  • Phz-sicks-I love his mixtape!  “Your way” is DOPE!  My favorite line, “you wonder what makes me relevent I breathe in inspiration and s**t out excellence.”
  • Josh Adam-Josh is just DOPE!  “Make em bounce” will have you bouncing!!!!!  He’s a cross between J Cole and B.o.b
  • Goapele-I am totally going to serenade my husband (whomever he may be) with her song “Butterflykisses.”
  • Santogold-She’s sort of alternative but I love her!  She’s an acquired taste that I wish everyone would acquire a taste for.  Did that make sense?  Well, it did in my head.
  • Jessi Teich-Have you ever heard someone sing and you’re like I want to know everything a bout them?  That is how I feel when I listen to her cd!  She’s just AMAZING!
  • Black Milk-Oh “Album of the year” is just GREAT!!!!  I still blast it in my car!

If you have made it this far, thank you so much!  Please remember that this list could go on and on!  I hope you listen to some of these artists!

Cee-Lo new video, “Bodies.” The Lady Killa strikes again

One thing I love in music is when an artist is creative.  I think that doing the conventional tends to hinder the creative juices from flowing, causing your music to become stagnant.  If you know anything about stagnant liquids, it becomes putrid after a while.  the fetid smell that wafts from an artist holding back on their creativity is just unbearable.

If you are not a fan of Cee-Lo Green, you have no idea what you are missing out on.  His music is very out the box and I appreciate that.  I absolutely love his Grammy performance with the muppet and the peacock outfit!  With the release of the video for his new single “Bodies,” Cee-Lo has done it again!  Director Mikael Colombu did a great job on this video!  Not to mention cameos by Janelle Monae, Kerry Washington, and many more.  Check out “Bodies” and let me know what you thought of the video.

Also, here is the video for “F*** You” (Please listen to the lyrics!  They are very important!  Don’t focus on the explicatives!)

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