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Kimberly Caldwell, “Without Regret” review

Kimberly Caldwell gained stardom as the seventh finalist on the second season of American Idol.  Although she didn’t win American Idol Kimberly went on to become an Entertainment Correspondent.    After a few setbacks, Kimberly is set to release her debut album “Without Regret.”  This Pop Rock album has the heavy guitar, raspy vocals, pop style music, and overall qualities of a Pop Rock singer Pink album.  Comparing Kimberly to Pink is nothing but a compliment that one would hope warrants her the same accolades as other Pop Rock artists such as Pink, Maroon 5, or even Kelly Clarkson.  She definitely has the ability to progress in the music industry.

“Mess of you,” is the first single released from the album and was originally performed by Alana Grace.  There will come a time when you make a mess of yourself, or of someone else.  This song can either be applied to your actions toward someone or to yourself as to how you fall and stumble sometimes.  You can choose to wallow in your state of disarray, or you can pick yourself up and cease traveling down the road of destruction, personally or in general.

It is important to try and be true to yourself and not follow the trends.  The second single, “Desperate Girls and Stupid Boys” is a song that sanctions you to stop trying to fit in.  Whether you have a quirky personality or wear last season’s clothes, you have to remember to be who you are.  Your uniqueness is not based on how well you ride the bandwagon, but how you set yourself apart from the conventional.

Another stunning song on the album is “Naked.”  It’s about stripping yourself and showing who you really are.  When you are standing there, sans your Covergirl™ foundation and Christian Loubitin shoes, who are you? “Naked right in front of you waiting, what do I have to do to make you see when you’re staring right at me, here I am.”   Heartfelt and relatable is what best describes this song.

Kimberly has an album that will do well if the consumer doesn’t give into the Limewire euphoria and pirate the album.  She shows versatility musically and vocally.  It will be interesting to see how the people will receive her and this album.

*Hope Today Magazine, 2011*


Beyonce new single leaked. Check it out, “Girls (who run the world)”

After taking a much needed hiatus, Beyonce’s  new single, “Girls (who run the world) has leaked.”  It features a very catchy beat, yet it falls short when it comes to creativity.  I say this because there is nothing about it that distinguishes it from any other female Pop song out right now.  It’s evident that female empowerment songs are taking over.  Personally, her debut album “Dangerously in Love” was her best album.  Maybe it was her best because it was the end of the Destiny’s Child era and she had to prove herself as a solo artist.  I just think that compared to her other dance songs such as “Single Ladies”,  “Get me bodied”, and “Freak um dress”, this single falls short.  Is it abysmal, no.  It’s just not what I expected, and by that I mean a solid song overall that shows WHY she’s the “Queen of Pop.”  At least I can dance to it.  If I had to rate it, I’d give it a 6/10

Check out her new single and leave a comment.

SMASH hit from Josh Adam, “Wait uh minute”

Ladies and Gentlemen we have another hit from rapper Josh Adam.  The smash hit “Wait uh minute” is produced by Jai Marlon.  I must say, I like every song I’ve heard from Josh, but I think this song will be his break out song.  Between “Wait uh minute” and “Make em bounce” Josh Adam has proved that he is a solid rapper who if given a deal will definitely go far.  I am patiently waiting for his album to drop, whenever that is.  Josh, if you read this please know that I am expecting an album soon!!

Check out Josh Adam’s smash hits “Wait uh minute” and “Make ’em bounce.”

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