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Chloe and Halle: Two sisters with AMAZING talent

As a music hobbyist I am always on the hunt for new music.  I often find myself entangled in some asinine discussion about how there is still great music out; you just have to look for it.  When you’re musically sedentary it’s easy to say you can’t find great singers.  I beg to differ.  YouTube is a great tool for finding undiscovered talent.

I would like to dedicate this entire blog to Chloe and Halle, two sisters from Atlanta, Ga.  As I watched them sing “Love on Top” I was almost brought to tears.  Yes, I said T-E-A-R-S!  It’s not often you find and 11 and 13 year old who can harmonize, play piano, and utilize vocal control.  What I enjoy most about them is they made it their own.  They weren’t trying to be Beyonce clones.  They attacked the key changes with conviction.  You would think with the modulations there would be a crack in their steadily maturing voices, but there wasn’t.  It was astonishing, breathtaking, and simply amazing.

After “Love on Top” I decided to check out their other covers.  The next video I watched was “Rolling in the Deep.”  The test of a real singer is live singing.  It’s even a bigger risk attempting to sing acapella.  Adele sings with so much passion it’s unbelievable.  I thought to myself, “How are these girls going to this song?”  There was doubt, I must admit it.  I felt ashamed.  Was I that much of a cynic that I didn’t think these young ladies couldn’t pull this song off?  They proved me wrong!

By this time, I was a believer.  Chloe and Halle proved that when you have talent, there isn’t a need for pomp and circumstance.  They maybe young, but they have astronomical talent.  I wish them all the best.

Here are a few more videos of songs they covered:

Best thing I never had:

How to love:

I was here:


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