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Clear Soul Forces: “Detroit Revolution(s)”

Tonight I was in ned of some new music.  I decided to go on a hunt and I’m pleased with the albums I acquired tonight.  I love Hip Hop.  i’m not connoisseur, but I know, love, and appreciate great Hip Hop.

Tonight I came across Detroit Revolution(s) by Clear Soul Forces.  It’s hard hitting, groovy, and overall a good album.  You won’t be disappointed.


Tiffany Evans, “If You Love Me”

Breaking up is never an easy task.  Sleepless nights ensued by uncontrollable crying spells, and to make things worse, you can’t have the one you want.  “If You Love Me,” a powerful R&B ballad by singer Tiffany Evans chronicles lost love.  With polished vocal control she effortlessly attacks every note with the right amount of power.  Despite lost love, Evans pulled herself together to perfectly execute the torch song.


Sorry Nicki Minaj, you don’t get a pass

Summer Jam, sponsored by New York radio station Hot97, is one of the biggest Hip Hop music fests held annually.  Chart topping stars such as Talib Kweli, Trey Songz, Drake, Birdman, Ludacris, and Usher have graced its stage over the years.  As the 2012 Summer Jam commenced, rapper Nicki Minaj abruptly pulled out of the show last minute, following the orders of Young Money President, Lil’ Wayne.   But why?

On Sunday before Summer Jam commenced,  Peter Rosenberg, a Hot 97 radio personality and host of MTV Hip Hop Squares 2 made a comment during the pre-show that did not settle well with Lil Wayne and the members of Young Money.  “Shout out to all my real hip-hop heads,” says Rosenberg, “and none of these Starship artists.”  “Starships” is the first official single from Nicki Minaj’s second studio album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.

Like everyone who has a Twitter account, Minaj took to the online soapbox and informed her followers that, Hot 97, “fucked up history, but the president has spoken,” referring to Lil Wayne who also took to Twitter to inform fans of him pulling her from the shows line-up after being dissed by Rosenberg.  Can you imagine how angry her dedicated fans must be, to have spent money to see Minaj in concert, only for it to not happen at all?  While Minaj pulling out was a huge disappointment and Rosenberg’s comment being hurtful according to some, there is something else that I find a little troubling.

In the midst of Minaj replying to her fans, someone tweeted her saying, “Radio personality with NO personality… fuck nigga!!! & u ain’t even black…”  Minaj’s reply was, “Not blac but on blak radio dissin black women.” [sic]  Her reply was very ploblematic because it was chock-full of hypocrisy.

On her song “Stupid Hoe” Minaj referred to women as bitches and hoes a numerous amount of times,  Ayo SB, what’s the fucks good? We ship platinum, them bitches are shipping wood.”  Minaj took a Don Imus approach with her next line, “Them nappy headed hoes but my kitchen good.”  To be accurate, she said bitch nine times, but it doesn’t amount to the 52 times she referred to a woman as a hoe throughout the song.

Looking at the Nicki Minaj persona and occasional Roman Zolanski, Nicki Minaj has disrespected not just Black women, but women in general.  Having been compared to Sarah Baartman, Minaj parades around the music industry flaunting her famous “ass.”  In her verse on Big Sean’s song “A$$”, “Dance” if it’s on the radio, Minaj even tells the listeners to “Google my ass.”

Since becoming mainstream, Minaj has perpetuated male chauvinism.  Her allegiance to Lil Wayne shows that she will do anything for him, including but not limited to canceling shows and even referring to herself as the female Weezy.  Her entire Barbie guise has been used to propagate the dilapidation of women, while capitalizing off of it simultaneously.  Her referring to herself as the female Weezy strips her of her identity and solidifying male chauvinism that women are inferior to men.

It’s a shame that fans of Nicki Minaj paid to see her perform at Summer Jam, only to have her not perform is sad.  However, what’s even more of a tragedy is Nicki Minaj alluding to Peter Rosenberg isn’t black but is on a black radio station degrading black women.  In the end, the indignity of women is not race specific.  If Minaj has a problem with Rosenberg “degrading” black women, as a non-black male, then she should change her lyrics.  Being a black woman does not give you a pass and make it okay for you to degrade women.

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