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Stans and “Haters”: But what about us in between?


My feelings and view on Beyoncé are more or less in the middle. While I am not the type to go on tangents of why I hate her (which I do not), I also am not the type to praise her from the mountaintops as if every fiber of my being depended on her existence. I employ Aristotle’s Golden Mean when it comes to a polarizing public figure such as Beyoncé. In other words, I am one of the many who like her music, but is far from both of the extremes. Living in this space is exhausting and can sometimes have you in a place that is harder than being a person who “hates” Beyoncé. But more than being difficult, it is rather annoying to have to constantly defend our beliefs towards her, only to get attacked by people on both sides for not picking a side. Is there a place for people like me in the world of Beyoncé?

As I sit in utter shock, disbelief, bewilderment of the winter finale of ‘Scandal’, I spot tweets of astonishment that Beyoncé was releasing an album within a matter of minutes. Wait a minute?  No promo?  Not a single in sight?  And she’s on a world tour?  WHAT!?  When did she find the time to do anything? Not to mention it is a full-length album with accompanying videos. I had to give Beyoncé her accolades. Clearly she is making major moves and like a true boss, she did so without havaing to tell people she is a boss. By the time her album had finally become available for download, I was already applying my armor for what was about to come.

The madness had already commenced. There was an air of, “yaaaaaaas b*tches, y’all better bow down to the KING with your miserable life,” to, “I guess I’m the only person who doesn’t care about Beyoncé, you know the album garbage anyway. I don’t see how y’all like that woman.”  Oh, and how can I forget the sad and tired Keri Hilson memes?

For people like myself, it is a hard road to travel. We have to tread softly in the world of Beyoncé. When we do like a song, we’re called bandwagon fans and are referred to as lessors because we weren’t down for Beyoncé from the beginning, nor are we worthy of her gloriousness. Or, we’re Judas’s and have disgraced the anti-Beyoncé club because we liked one song. It is as if we’re in between a cold war of people fighting for our allegiance when all we desire is to like, or not like, her music without repercussions. Am I wrong to say screw groupthink?

I refuse to be vilified for having a differing view. And when you have a differing view about Beyoncé, it comes at a high cost. Why should I have to think like you because you adore Beyoncé and I do not?  Why should I have to be a member of your Beyonce-boro Baptist Church coalition because you dislike her and I do not?  I shouldn’t have to do any of those things just for solace and the ability to maintain face.

With the advent of social media, participatory culture is at an all time high. Blogging and micro blogging websites such as Tumblr, WordPress, and Twitter, have made it possible for everyone to take advantage of their own personal soapbox. I will admit that when I go on my “rants,” it is great to have a place I can go to and release my inner thoughts. Not that I use social media to express my deep and most personal thoughts, because that’s what journals are for, but I appreciate HEALTHY discourse. Sadly, when it comes to Beyoncé, the sanctuary of people like me to have been tainted by the overly maniacal people on both sides of the Beyoncé fence. We’re forced to either remain silent, or become a debate gymnast. What do I mean?  Let me explain.

Whenever we encounter a conversation about Beyoncé, you might have to perform a floor exercise. We have to perform verbal summersaults to keep from having HEATED debates. We have to maneuver in a graceful manner and maintain our poise so that we do not go outside of the lines while attempting a punch front to explain our opinion. We must meticulously perform on uneven bars and hope that we end on our feet, or we’ll wind up on our backs with aches and pains. Finally, we must straddle the balance beam to maintain our stance between “King Beysus” glorification and Beyoncé condemnation.

People like me are neither fans nor haters; we just want to appreciate Beyoncé’s music without having to fight in the Kumite because we refuse to cry “matte”, and succumb to the pressures of zealots. There isn’t an award for who’s the biggest Beyoncé fan, nor will you be praised for being “different” for not liking her, like millions of other people.

To disregard what Beyoncé just did would be a mistake. There isn’t an artist who can accomplish releasing a full-length album, with accompanying videos, while on tour, and not have anything as much as a hint of what was to come. This was an accomplishment that should and could be acknowledged without venom being spewed by yay and naysayers concurrently. Doing so disfigures your point and makes you intolerable. It also places us “fence straddlers” in an awkward predicament and frankly, we’re tired of having to silence or cover ourselves with full armor to protect us because you cannot hold a logical conversation about Beyoncé without tweeting Keri Hilson death shade, or releasing your horde of fellow extremists on us because we refuse to join your army. We ALL should be able to operate together and coexist without coming to blows over differences.


Chloe and Halle were on Ellen!!!!!!

A few months ago I posted about two adorable sisters I saw on Youtube, Chloe and Halle.  There voices are amazing!  I did not know that they were on Ellen!!!!!!  I a so happy for them.  I know they are going to go far.  They have too much talent to go unheard.

I just wanted to post this and share it with you!


Andreana 🙂

Chloe and Halle: Two sisters with AMAZING talent

As a music hobbyist I am always on the hunt for new music.  I often find myself entangled in some asinine discussion about how there is still great music out; you just have to look for it.  When you’re musically sedentary it’s easy to say you can’t find great singers.  I beg to differ.  YouTube is a great tool for finding undiscovered talent.

I would like to dedicate this entire blog to Chloe and Halle, two sisters from Atlanta, Ga.  As I watched them sing “Love on Top” I was almost brought to tears.  Yes, I said T-E-A-R-S!  It’s not often you find and 11 and 13 year old who can harmonize, play piano, and utilize vocal control.  What I enjoy most about them is they made it their own.  They weren’t trying to be Beyonce clones.  They attacked the key changes with conviction.  You would think with the modulations there would be a crack in their steadily maturing voices, but there wasn’t.  It was astonishing, breathtaking, and simply amazing.

After “Love on Top” I decided to check out their other covers.  The next video I watched was “Rolling in the Deep.”  The test of a real singer is live singing.  It’s even a bigger risk attempting to sing acapella.  Adele sings with so much passion it’s unbelievable.  I thought to myself, “How are these girls going to this song?”  There was doubt, I must admit it.  I felt ashamed.  Was I that much of a cynic that I didn’t think these young ladies couldn’t pull this song off?  They proved me wrong!

By this time, I was a believer.  Chloe and Halle proved that when you have talent, there isn’t a need for pomp and circumstance.  They maybe young, but they have astronomical talent.  I wish them all the best.

Here are a few more videos of songs they covered:

Best thing I never had:

How to love:

I was here:

Beyonce’ releases video for “Love on top”

Gospel music is a big part of my life.  The music is inimitable.  Some of the best singers come from church.  Vocally there are things in Gospel music that I haven’t heard in secular music.  Growing up listening to Bishop Hezekiah Walker, Professor James Hall, and the “Choir Master” Ricky Dillard you know that their songs aren’t the easiest to sing.  The one thing about their songs that could make or break a choir were the modulations.  I remember the first time I sang “God’s will is what I want” by Ricky Dillard.  The nine (yes I said 9!) modulations in that song were difficult, especially if you’re not use to singing that high.

When Beyonce released her fourth studio album “4” after a year long hiatus, I must admit that I wasn’t really impressed.  However, “Love on top” saved the album.  I think it was the modulations that made me love it.  Not only the modulations but the lyrics are what drew me in.  With every note and every modulation Beyonce made me believe that she was in love.  There was a different sound on that song that was easily distinguished from many of her songs.  It didn’t seem forced or superfluous.  It wasn’t just some cheesy love song with an up-tempo and nice vocals.  It was the effervescence of love resonating throughout the song that within the first week it was one of the most played songs on my iTunes.

Today Beyonce released the video to “Love on top” and I must say that to my surprise, I wasn’t awed.  I’m not a huge fan of hers, but I do give her credit when it’s due.  As I watched the video I thought to myself that it was akin to a video that I had seen before but couldn’t put my finger on it.  Like most people, I took to Twitter and asked what they thought about the video.  Most said there wasn’t much to see, but then one of my followers answered the question that I had been pondering since pressing play.  “New Edition If it isn’t love’ all over again.”  She was dead on!

I’m not saying Beyonce stole from New Edition, but one can’t deny that it’s very similar.  If you’ve seen her MTV Awards performance, you’ve seen the video.  The only difference is the singers are male and every modulation features a wardrobe change.  It was almost as if they combined the MTV Awards rehearsal with the actual performance.  I wasn’t impressed visually, but it gave me an excuse to listen to the song and sing at an ungodly decibel.

Check out Beyonce’s “Love on top” video and let me know what you thought.

Also, here is the video for “If it isn’t love” by New Edition

Q takes “Love on top” to church. (Beyonce cover)

Recently Beyonce released her fourth studio album entitled, “4.”  The album is pretty good but personally I think the best song on the album is, “Love on top.”  Today I received a text from someone telling watch this video of this guy who put a church spin on the song.  I must say that he REALLY did a great job.  There aren’t a lot of men who can sing like this.  I would say right off the top of my head BSlade, formerly known as Tonex, is probably the only guy who can sing soprano better than most females.

I would actually love to see someone do this at church! I’ve already sent it to my Praise and Worship leader (Tia check your text messages) LOL!  I hope you enjoy this video as much as I have.  You can follow him on Twitter @QNexBigThing

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