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My love/hate relationship with Facebook #30in30

When I first began using Facebook, I thought it was a pretty cool site.  It allowed me to keep in contact with people I hadn’t heard form in a while and connect with classmates.  I thought it was very useful.  Now, I kind of dread it.  If it’s not the constant changes to the layout, it’s the plethora of game invites I receive, or the stupid ‘Like this if’ pictures.  It’s become overwhelming.

A few days ago I was switched to the new timeline feature against my will and I despise it.  The layout is confusing and personally, I just think it’s horrible.  Did I mention the vexing Facebook chat?  Have you logged on real quick, probably to write a generic happy birthday on someone’s wall, and found yourself with five chat pop ups?  I try to stay logged out of the chat but every once in a while, maybe due to a “glitch” on Facebook’s end, I find one of those pop ups at the bottom of my page.  Facebook and these facelifts have got to GO!

Another thing about Facebook that I find to be annoying are game notifications.  In my mind, Farmville is spam and I honestly wish people would stop inviting me to play the game.  I can’t forget about the people who add you to a group and then send 10 messages to the group a day updating you on the event they’re planning.  I don’t need to know every time a new artist is added to the line up of your show.  I’m glad you’re putting on this showcase for a good cause, but please stop with the unsolicited notifications that clog my inbox.

The last thing that I REALLY don’t like about Facebook are pictures like these that I see in my news feed more than I’d like to.  Is Jesus really going to send me to hell for not liking a picture?  Or does it mean that I don’t love God as much as you because you shared the picture and I didn’t?  I missed that in my King James Version.

Am I saying that I hate Facebook?  No.   I do like how Facebook reminds me of someone’s birthday.  I’m pretty sure this in one of the primary reason’s everyone uses Facebook.  Like any social media channel, Facebook has its ups and downs.   I just wish that I could go a day without 50 game invitations, 20 even updates, and someone telling me I’m going to hell because Jesus said to ‘Like’ this photo.

What are some things you don’t like about Facebook or any other social networking site?


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