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What would you do? #30in30

As the bus approaches the stop, the father standing on the corner waits patiently for his daughter to exit the bus once it stops.  Sadly, when the doors opened, the little girl didn’t get off the bus.  When the father questioned the driver and aid about whereabouts of his child, they said they didn’t know.  The pulled off to their next destination and by this time, the father is worried about his daughter.  After an hour, the girl was found and brought home.  However, this ordeal could have been prevented.

At the end of the route, the driver and aide went to lock the bus down and to their surprise; the little girl was still on the bus.  Apparently the child had fallen asleep on the bus.  When the father asked about his child, why couldn’t the aide—who was the child’s driver last school year— check to see if the child was in fact on the bus when they reached her stop?  The bus driver went to drop the little girl home but made another mistake, he dropped her off at the wrong stop.  Luckily, she’s now home with her parents.

I’m glad this unfortunate situation had a happy ending, but I still can’t get over how it could have been avoided.  Why didn’t the aide and bus driver check the bus before they left her stop?  Were they in that much of a rush that it would have inconvenienced them to take a few minutes to check the bus for the girl?  Also, did they not see her get on the bus?  I know it was the first day of school and there probably was a bunch of little kids on the bus, but the aide was her bus driver last year.

I’m not a mother yet, but I have a niece and nephew.  If they somehow went missing, I know I would lose my mind.  I don’t even want to think about dealing with a situation like that.  While I know I would be devastated, it doesn’t compare to the pain a parent feels in that particular situation.

If you’re a parent and this happened to your child, how would you handle the situation?  Do you think that the driver and aide should be reprimanded?


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